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[Lancet Respir Med在线发表]: 中国的COPD:全国罹患率研究
2018年04月13日 时讯速递 暂无评论


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in China: a nationwide prevalence study

Liwen Fang, Pei Gao, Heling Bao, et al

Lancet Respir Med Available online 9 April 2018


Background 背景

Because of the rapid change in economic development and lifestyle in China, and the ageing population, concerns have grown that chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) could become epidemic. An up-to-date nationwide estimation of COPD prevalence in China is needed.


Methods 方法

We did a cross-sectional survey of a nationally representative sample of individuals from mainland China aged 40 years or older. The primary outcome was COPD, defined according to the 2017 Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) lung function criteria.


Findings 结果

Between Dec 29, 2014, and Dec 31, 2015, 66 752 adults were recruited to the study population. The estimated standardised prevalence of COPD was 13·6% (95% CI 12·0–15·2). The prevalence of COPD differed significantly between men and women (19·0%, 95% CI 16·9–21·2 vs 8·1%, 6·8–9·3; p<0·0001), mainly because of a significant difference in smoking status between men and women (current smokers 58·2% vs4·0%). The prevalence of COPD differed by geographic region, with the highest prevalence in southwest China (20·2%, 95% CI 14·7–25·8) and the lowest in central China (10·2%, 8·2–12·2). Among adults with COPD, 56·4% (95% CI 53·7–59·2) had mild disease (GOLD stage I), 36·3% (34·3–38·3) had moderate disease (GOLD stage II), 6·5% (5·5–7·4) had severe disease (GOLD stage III), and 0·9% (0·6–1·1) had very severe disease (GOLD stage IV).

2014年12月29日至2015年12月31日间,共有66752名成年患者入选研究人群。估算COPD标化罹患率为13·6% (95% CI 12·0–15·2)。男性和女性人群 COPD 罹患率具有显著差异 (19·0%, 95% CI 16·9–21·2 vs 8·1%, 6·8–9·3; p<0·0001),主要由于男性与女性吸烟比例存在显著差异(当前吸烟比例 58·2% vs 4·0%)。不同地区COPD的患病率差异显著,西南地区患病率最高 (20·2%, 95% CI 14·7–25·8),中部患病率最低 (10·2%, 8·2–12·2)。在成年COPD患者中,56·4% (95% CI 53·7–59·2) 为轻症(GOLD I级),36·3% (34·3–38·3) 为中等程度疾病(GOLD II级),6·5% (5·5–7·4) 为严重疾病(GOLD III级),0·9% (0·6–1·1) 为极严重疾病(GOLD IV级)。

Interpretation 结论

In a large, nationally representative sample of adults aged 40 years or older, the estimated overall prevalence of COPD in China in 2014–15 was 13·6%, indicating that this disease has become a major public-health problem. Strategies aimed at prevention and treatment of COPD are needed urgently.

在大样本、具有全国代表性的40岁以上成人中,估计中国2014-15年COPD罹患率为 13·6%,提示这一疾病已经成为重要的公共卫生问题。迫切需要制订针对COPD的预防及治疗策略。


Chinese Central Government, the Ministry of Science and Technology of The People's Republic of China, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China.


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