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FDA Approves Artificial Intelligence That Can Predict Death



近日,美国食品药品监督管理总局(FDA)批准了首个可以预测死亡的AI产品Wave Clinical Platform,由医疗科技公司Excel Medical研发。

根据产品研发公司Excel Medical官网的介绍,Wave Clinical Platform是一个永远在线的远程监测平台,可显示生理和医学相关数据的实时临床视图,包括医院工作站、移动设备和电子病历中危险患者的警报。


“我们所做的每一件事,都是为了支持消除医院意外死亡的目标,人们可能会说零意外死亡是不可能的,我们说零以外的任何东西都是不合情理的。Excel Medical的总经理Lance Burton说:“十多年来,Excel Medical的产品已经在超过80%的顶级学术医疗中心以及研究人员和创新合作伙伴进行了测试。



2018-01-29 量子位 大健康产业情报



大名鼎鼎的FDA(美国食品药品监督管理局)最近批准通过了首个可以预测死亡的AI产品,这个产品名叫Wave Clinical Platform,由医疗科技公司Excel Medical研发。










“人们说0猝死是不可能的,我们说除了0其他都没有意义”,Excel Medical总经理Lance Burton表示,这家公司的目标就是消除医院中的猝死。


同时,Excel Medical也计划开发面向家庭的AI可穿戴设备。

官方介绍显示,Excel Medical成立于1995年,经过20多年的发展,其产品已经打入美国80%以上的顶级医疗中心。此外,Excel Medical还和IBM沃森实验室展开合作。

以下报道来自Frontline Genomics


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the very first algorithm that monitors a patient’s vitals to help predict sudden death from heart attacks or respiratory failure. This artificial technology is going to help free up the severely limited resources in medicine.

The algorithm, called Wave Clinical Platform, has been developed by medical technology company ExcelMedical, and consists of an integrated system of hospital workstations and digital medical records that includes real-time data on a patient’s medications, age, physiology, past medical history, family history etc. With this information, the algorithm can sense subtle changes in vitals and sends alerts up to six hours before a potentially lethal event could occur.

“I just think there’s so much ‘blah blah’ out there about predictive analytics. But this is real-time, this is actionable, and this can save lives,” Excel Medical’s Chief Strategy Officer Mary Baum told Healthcare Analytics News.

“Everything we do as an organization aligns toward and supports the goal of eradicating unexpected deaths in hospitals,” Lance Burton, General Manager of Excel Medical, said in a statement. “People may say zero unexpected deaths is unattainable. We say anything other than zero is unconscionable.”

Currently, the plan is to implement this tech in hospitals, but Burton told Healthcare Analytics News that the company hopes to eventually make the AI wearable devices usable for people at home.

Artificial intelligence is showing more, and more promise within biomedicine. Just last week, Microsoft announced a new A.I. project, where they are hoping to tackle the ‘big data problem’ by making diagnosing nearly any disease as simple as a single blood test.

Last year, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and Intel announced that they would be working together to make cancer detection more efficient through AI.

以下报道来自Excel Medical官网


Excel Medical’s WAVE Clinical Platform Receives FDA Clearance

The Patient Surveillance and Predictive Algorithm Platform is the First of Its Kind to Be Cleared by the FDA

Jupiter, Fla. – January 8, 2018 – Excel Medical launches the first FDA-cleared patient surveillance system. The WAVE Clinical Platform is the first of its kind cleared for marketing.

The WAVE Clinical Platform is an always-on remote monitoring platform that displays near real-time clinical views of physiologic and medically relevant data including waveforms and alarms for at-risk patients across hospital workstations, mobile devices and inside electronic medical records. WAVE automatically calculates risk, giving an at-a-glance early warning of patient deterioration up to six hours in advance of when clinicians would otherwise notice—and while there is still time to prevent further deterioration. In fact, while using the Visensia Safety Index, WAVE’s first FDA-cleared predictive algorithm, UPMC went from six unexpected deaths in their control group to zero.

“Everything we do as an organization aligns toward and supports the goal of eradicating unexpected deaths in hospitals,” says Lance Burton, General Manager of Excel Medical. “People may say zero unexpected deaths is unattainable. We say anything other than zero is unconscionable.”

For more than a decade, Excel Medical’s products have been battle-tested in over 80 percent of the top academic medical centers, as well as by researchers and innovation partners. Now, with the clearance of the WAVE Clinical Platform, the company sits on the edge of a major opportunity to fulfil the promise of predictive healthcare. “We look forward to bringing other revolutionary predictive algorithms to the WAVE platform soon, many of which are currently under development,” adds Burton.

About Excel:

Excel Medical’s technologies were designed with one goal in mind—to eradicate unexpected deaths in hospitals. There are more than 400,000 unexpected deaths in U.S. hospitals annually making it the nation’s third-leading cause of death—behind heart disease and cancer. Excel Medical’s “True North” is to make predictive analytics an actionable process, “predicting the preventableTM”, making it possible to achieve zero unexpected hospital deaths. Excel Medical was founded in 1995, and its products/services are used by more than 80 percent of the top academic medical centers and children’s hospitals in the United States. Excel Medical Electronics, LLC, has multiple high-profile partners including IBM Watson, OBS Medical and EPIC. It is a privately-held company headquartered in Jupiter, FL, with customers throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. www.Excel-Medical.com.


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