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Fast Five Quiz: Are You Familiar With Key Elements Regarding Heat Stroke?

Richard H. Sinert, DO

August 02, 2017

问题3. Which of the following is accurate about the physical examination of patients with heat stroke? 有关热射病患者体格检查的以下说法哪个是准确的?

Acute kidney injury is a common complication of heat stroke and may be due to hypovolemia, low cardiac output, and myoglobinuria (from rhabdomyolysis). Patients may exhibit oliguria and a change in the color of urine.


Tachycardia to rates exceeding 130 beats/min is common. Symptoms of CNS dysfunction are present universally in persons with heat stroke. Symptoms may range from irritability to coma. Patients with heat stroke commonly exhibit tachypnea and hyperventilation caused by direct CNS stimulation, acidosis, or hypoxia.


For more on the physical examination of patients with heat stroke, read here.

Which of the following is accurate regarding the workup of heat stroke? 有关热射病实验室检查的以下说法哪个是准确的?

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