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Jean-Louis Vincent教授邀请您参加EPIC III研究
2017年06月28日 多中心研究, 进展交流 暂无评论

EPIC III: ICU感染患病率研究

EPIC III: The Extended Study on Prevalence of Infection in Intensive Care

Up-to-date epidemiological data are essential in critical care medicine. The EPIC study was performed in 19921 and EPIC II in 2007.2 Now, 10 years later it is time for EPIC III!

最新的流行病学数据对于重症医学至关重要。1992年我们进行了EPIC研究,2007年我们完成了EPIC II研究。10年后的今天,我们计划进行EPIC III研究!

EPIC III (a 24-hour point-prevalence study) will be performed on September 13, 2017, World Sepsis Day. Data will be collected on: demographics, infection management, degree of organ dysfunction and patient outcomes.

EPIC III(一项24小时时点患病率研究)将于2017年9月13日(世界脓毒症日)进行。收集的数据包括人口统计学,感染诊治,器官功能障碍程度及患者预后。

To make this project really worthwhile, we need to enroll as many units as possible in as many countries as possible worldwide – so please join us in this exciting project! Data collection will be limited to simple variables that are easy to collect and routinely recorded. Data will be recorded using electronic case report forms (eCRF) (paper versions can be provided if online access is problematic or not available).

为保证此项研究的代表性,我们需要在全球尽可能多的国家入选尽可能多的ICU - 因此,我们邀请您加入这项激动人心的研究!研究收集的数据仅限于常规记录的简单指标,并采用电子病例报告表(eCRF)记录(如果没有互联网,我们也提供纸质版CRF)。

This study will be observational and non-interventional, and patient data will be anonymous. Nevertheless, you will probably want to inform your ethical committee according to local requirements.


EPIC III is supported by the World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine.

EPIC III研究得到了世界危重病医学会联盟的支持。

If you are interested in joining us in this exciting venture, please click here to register. You will also be able to download the study protocol and sample eCRF.

如果您有兴趣加入这项令人激动的研究,请点击 这里 进行注册。

Please also forward this invitation to colleagues on other units.



Jean-Louis Vincent

on behalf of the Steering committee:

Ignacio Martin-Loeches, Simon Finfer, John Marshall, Flavia Machado, Mervyn Singer, Jean-Francois Timsit, Yasser Sakr, Marc Bonten, Marin Kollef, Derek Angus, Bin Du


1. Vincent JL, Bihari D, Suter PM, et al: The prevalence of nosocomial infection in intensive care units in Europe - The results of the EPIC study. JAMA 274:639-644, 1995.

2. Vincent JL, Rello J, Marshall JC, et al: International study of the prevalence and outcomes of infection in intensive care units. JAMA 302:2323-2329, 2009


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